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The EMU Coaches produced by Jessop is of modern design and are operated at 1500 Volts DC or 25 kv AC Overhead Nominal Voltage. The Coach bogies are of proven design for operation at 100 KMPH. There are four traction Motor per Coach for smooth operation.

The DC and AC EMU Coaches are of Jessop desigh and are of semiintegral nature with corrosion resistant carbon steel and stainless steel construction (Corten Steel). The Coach Under frame is manufactured from Rolled as well as Pressed Steel Section. Jessop also manufactured fully integral shell to ICF design. These coaches are manufactured from pressed steel section (Corten as well as Stainless Steel). The bogies are of fabricated steel construction with Coil Springs for primary and secondary suspension.

The Traction Motors for both DC and AC EMU are DC Series Motor Type with Rheostatic Control for DC EMU and Transformer Secondary Tap Changing Control for AC EMU.

Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) Coaches

The power supply for DC EMU is 1500 Volts and for AC EMU it is 25 kV, 50 Hz AC. The power collection is through Roof Mounted Light Weight Pantograph, Electro-pneumatic Braking System is provided for both DC and AC EMU Coaches.
Description Specification
Track Gauge 1676 mm
Length over Bodyend Panels 20726 (JSP design) 20726 (ICF design)
Distance between Bogie Centres 14630 mm
Bogie Wheel Base 2896 mm
Max. Load per Axle:  
Motor Coach 20.32 Te
Trailer Coach 20.32 Te
Width Over Bodyside Panels 3658 mm
Height of Centre of Roof from rail Level 3810 mm
Max. Service Speed 100 Kmph
Wheel Dia. On Tread 952 mm
Brake System Electro Pneumatic
Min. radius of Curvature 152.4 m
Coupler Type C.B.C. Centre Buffer Coupler
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